Who’s Using Production Music?  Most people sit on the couch, or their favorite lounge chair every night and relax from the daily grind of life while watching their favorite TV Series.  One thing the majority of these people don’t realizing is they are hearing Production Music throughout the programming they are watching.  Production Music is a integral part of any production, whether it is in the on-air promos, in-show series or in commercials.  When one starts to look it will be discovered, Production Music is always used.

Below are a few Television Networks who fall into the category of ‘Who’s Using Production Music‘.  These companies don’t represent every TV Network or Channel who uses Production Music, these are just a few who have used the TunEdge Production Music Library.  Below is a list of ‘Who’s Using Production Music‘ from TunEdge Production Music Library;

‘Who’s Using Production Music’ – Award Shows

‘Who’s Using Production Music’ – Cartoons

‘Who’s Using Production Music’ – Day Time TV

‘Who’s Using Production Music’ – Game Shows

‘Who’s Using Production Music’ – Late Night TV

‘Who’s Using Production Music’ – News Programs

‘Who’s Using Production Music’ – Reality TV

‘Who’s Using Production Music’ – Sports Programs

‘Who’s Using Production Music’ – Talk Shows

‘Who’s Using Production Music’ – TV Commercials

  • Miller Lite
  • Pepsi
  • Progressive
  • Walmart

‘Who’s Using Production Music’ – TV Networks

‘Who’s Using Production Music’ – TV Networks (International)

  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • BBC
  • Brazil TV
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Greece TV – Mega
  • NHK General TV
  • South Africa TV
  • Swedish TV – TV1
  • TV2 Denmark

‘Who’s Using Production Music’ – TV Series Comedy

‘Who’s Using Production Music’ – TV Series Crime

‘Who’s Using Production Music’ – TV Series Drama

The list above just gives a sampling of ‘Who’s Using Production Music‘ from TunEdge Production Music Library.

‘Who’s Using Production Music’ Can Find More From TunEdge Music

Besides finding Production Music, from TunEdge Music a TV Network can now also find Artist Music.  TunEdge Music has recently joined forces with Swag Candy Music, a record label, to make available Artist Music that has been cleared for licensing. This added bonus gives TV Networks Music Supervisors the opportunity to hear Swag Candy Music’s unique boutique of Rock, Pop, R&B, Country, Hip Hop, Dance and Rap artist.

To make things even easier for the TV Networks who use Production Music from TunEdge Production Music Library we have imported the rich collection of music from Swag Candy Music into the new TunEdge Cloud App Search.