More great Production Music released today by TunEdge Production Music Library.  These tracks cover genres like Bluegrass Production Music, Sports Production Music, Blues Production Music and Imaging FX.

Out To The Island Out To The Island – Full Version (Description:Bouncy, Light, Happy, Carefree, Whimsical, Bright, Sunshine, Pulsing, Optimistic, Earthy, Bluegrass, Comedy – Jazz, Jazz – Dixieland)

All Of The Keys All Of The Keys – Full Version (Description: Heavy, Hard, Driving, Determined, Gritty, Aggressive, Edgy, Confident, Youth, Teen, Sports, Rock – Classic Rock, Sports – Extreme Sports)

Mojo Maniac Mojo ManiacFull Version (Description: Bouncy, Fun, Carefree, Happy, Satisfied, Groove, Funky, Bluesy, Confident, Optimistic, Blues, Funk, Rock – Southern Rock)

CK3004_29_Juiced CK 3004 – 29(Description: Short Shrill airhorn blast. Punctuator, Separator)

CK3004_30_Juiced CK 3004 – 30(Description: Frequency tone in and out. Puctuator, Separator)

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