Welcome TunEdge Lovers!

It’s September 2017, and we’re Back-To-School! This may be our chance to finally wrap up our music licensing deal and get some production work done with the kids out of the house again, huh?

We’re also excited for football season, and the return of some of our reality TV favorites.

To get us in the right headspace to conquer the rest of this month, we’ve put together a comprehensive music montage to introduce you to the latest and greatest tracks, prepped and ready to accompany your upcoming productions for film and tv.

Music licensing for video can be a complicated process, but we try to make it simple, offering tons of hit samples for you to review. Here are a few of our favorites:

Onward is filled with empowerment, boldness and confidence, and celebrate with fun while you Dance All Night. Pulsing, sparkly, bright, and building For Your Information will start your music journey off right.

Get Close To Me will peak your interest with seduction, sex,and attraction to drive you into a heavy, racing Fast Lane. Start celebrating and Livin’ with bright victory on the Riverside with uplifting and encouraging inspiration.

Check out this month’s montage now!

Let us know what you think! Do you Love The Music? Which song is your favorite?