Happy May from Tunedge music. May is a month filled with honoring Mothers, holidays and good music.  and guess what? Memorial day is ahead this weekend.

How will you celebrate your 2017 Memorial Day? Will it be with music, family, food, and fun?

No matter how you choose to spend this holiday weekend, remember holidays are never the same without good music.  Check out what’s new with Tunedge for the month of May:

Quentin Likes it – Jam with this horn-heavy, but easy listening song.

Haunting Scapes – This techno beat would be great for a horror movie or dramatic commercial or anything else you can think of.

Fix My Eyes On You – This pop-rock beat will get your toes tapping.

Third Strike – This dramatic techno beat would be great for a movie trailer or anything else you would like.

So Entertaining – This up-tempo techno beat will get you moving!

Waves of Sorrow – This song is bold and dramatic.

Age of Enlightenment – This is another upbeat, optimistic techno track.

Interlude Proximate – This would make some great background music for your next movie or television show.

Pretty Penny – This easy-listening pop number will get you moving.

Bird of Flames – This is another bold, dramatic song.

Shrine Chronicle – This would be great in a fantasy or science-fiction movie or television show.

Positive Pulse – This one is light and catchy at the same time.

Sunk in Oblivion – This song is powerful and dramatic.

Resurrection of the Dead – This is another powerful and dramatic song. Just watch out for the zombies!

Caught in the Light – This is a great pop-rock anthem.

Musing Discord – This is another powerful techno beat. Put it in your next action movie or commercial.

Far Away Place – This one has a bit of a Middle-Eastern feel to it.

Misty Abyss – This is another great techno rock song.

First Responders – Put this in your next medical drama! It is very dramatic and would fit well in the background of a hospital scene.

Supplant Chaos – This is a strong piano ballad with a techno flair.

God Particle – This is a great industrial, metal song.

Metal Knight – This is a great metal song with an industrial flair.

Trace Evidence – Another dramatic ballad for your next commercial or movie trailer.

Still Heavens – Put this in your next drama!

Enjoy this and more from Tunedge Music Services! We do music licensing, online music mobile search, and more!