Hey Tunedge dance lovers!

Are you in the mood for sounds that have you hitting the dance floor, make you want to twerk and drop it likes it’s hot?

The best music licensing company has just what you need!

This month Tunedge brings you the hottest dance vibes, hip hop tunes, and pop songs.

Our Tunedge July Music Montage is just what you need. Listen below:

Just as July is full of summer fun and has greeted us with a heat wave from New York to California, each of the tracks featured for this month’s Tunedge music will leave you feeling even hotter:

Dancing On The Beach  – Fun and update, this groove makes your feet want to move and brings a smile to your face.

Money Cage – A twist of jazz and funk, these sounds are for getting on the dance floor with your favorite dance partner and sweating until the night ends.

Git On Up – A mix of hip hop and upbeat music, this track will make you nod your head, sway from side to side and get motivated to party all night.

Move Your Body – Happy and optimistic, there is absolutely no way you can stay down listening to this inspiring pop track.

Top Man – If you feel like you are the man of the hour this song will have your ego on swoll and your confidence shooting through the roof. Sure to get you moving, listening to this, you won’t want to sit down!

Summer Love – With an upbeat and fun vibe, this song takes you into the hotness and won’t let you escape until the track ends. You will want to play it again and again.

Tunedge doesn’t just do commercial music or the best music licensing, we make sounds that satisfy audiences worldwide backed with approval from fans, business, and music supervisors  around the world who “LOVE THE MUSIC.”

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