Welcome to April at Tunedge Music. Check us out for all of your music licensing needs this month. Our April highlights include:

“Floating Away” – This upbeat track with hip-hop vibes would be great in your next commercial or movie trailer.

“Nano Carbon DNA” – This track has an awesome techno beat to get your party popping!

“Techno Gentry” – This interesting techno track would be great in the trailer for an action movie or anything else you can think of.

“Sunlight” – This electronic hip-hop style track is a great addition to your music library.

“New Guy In Town” – Let’s head out west with this country western track. It would be great for your movie trailer.

“Camouflage” – This interesting electronic beat will really liven up your party or movie score.

“Kiss The Pavement” – Watch out with this hot track.

“Cranium Bit Merge” – This is a powerful electronic song.

“Free Market” – This is a light, upbeat pop song.

“Techeidoscopic” – This is a dramatic, electronic track. Check it out now!

“Solace” – This is an upbeat pop song with a bit of an electronic feel to it.

“Cyborg Resurection” – This would be a great addition to a robot movie or something else with science-fiction.

“After Party” – This song with the refrain, “Let’s Go,” is a great party track!

“Cyber Lord” – This song is bold and dramatic!

“Southern Standards” – This is a great pop song with a country-rock twist.

“Alien Intercourse” – A dramatic song for your next movie trailer.

“Proliferation” –  Another great, dramatic track. It would be perfect for a big finish to a great movie or anything in between.

“Message From The Soul” – This song is a lot calmer.

“Digital Blood” – This is another great techno song!

“Tan Lines” – A powerful and dramatic techno-pop song.

“Return to Civilization” – Use this in your next movie trailer.

“Day In The Country” – This is a strong piano track.

Check it out now:

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