Labor Day: The unofficial end of Summer and a day to celebrate the American workforce. We all love Labor Day weekend (unless you’re working in retail, that is.) It’s a time to kick back, relax with family and friends and take a breather before the end of the year and holiday season come at you full force.

It’s important to make the most of the long weekend, and that includes picking the right tunes to create the best soundtrack for your life — and video projects. We’re sure you want to enjoy your final days of Summer, instead of scouring through tons of music licensing sites, so we want to keep things simple and easy. So, before summer is over and you’re Out of Time, here are some great tracks to help you truly enjoy your Labor Day 2017 weekend.

During the holiday weekend, you might be looking for the Right Moment to make a move on your love interest. This song could create the right feel for a video montage proclaiming your affection — or showcasing someone else’s in a new short film you’re producing.

Or perhaps you want to do a little online flirting, and you need to Take that Selfie to entice the lady of your dreams. This track will get you in the right mood to seductively pose for your iPhone camera.

But let’s be realistic, some of us do have to work over Labor Day weekend, so the party may be Up and Down. If you need some motivation to just sit down and get your latest production off the cutting room floor, this track is perfect to pump you up.

Whatever your Labor Day weekend plans are, work or play, Don’t Stop pushing for greatness. And if that includes hitting us up to license the perfect track for your production, our team is here to help you Face the Music.

Check out the different types of music licensing we specialize in here. And if you have any questions, here are the best ways to contact us. We know there are a lot of music licensing companies out there, but we know we can solidify ourselves as the one you can trust moving forward. We can’t wait to work with you!