The Tunedge Music Portal “Artist Top 5” is a selection of the top 5 songs badged by the Tunedge Music Portal.

Our staff judges all songs accepted and badged into the Tunedge Music Portal, and by majority vote we select the 5 top songs to be featured in the “Artist Top 5” montage. This montage is sent out to over 2000 Film and TV Network music supervisors and Ad Agency creative directors each month!

We would like to congratulate the following artists for making it in the March 2021 “Artist Top 5”. Song 1: “2020 Edge” (Song writer: Paytra Renee Gessler) Song 2: “Colors Edge” (Song writers: Daniel James Glavin) Song 3: “G.R.Attitude Edge” (Song writers: Daniel James Glavin) Song 4: “Mavvin Is A Habit Edge” (Song writer: Chezale Rodriguez) Song 5: “React Edge” (Song writers: Hooman Depars & Bigombe Emmanuel)

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