Tunedge Artist Portal “Artist Top 5” for June 2023

Tunedge would like to congratulate the following new artists in making it into the Tunedge Artist Portal “Artist Top 5” for the month of July 2023! The Tunedge Top 5 is determined based on a tally of votes by peer artists and top music industry professionals.

The Tunedge “Artist Top 5” get exposure to over 8000 industry professionals including; Music Supervisors, Producers, Advertising Creative Directors and Radio Programmers.

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Tunedge Artist Portal “Artist Top 5” July 2023

July 2023 Artist Top 5 Songs

#5: “Thirsty! Edge” by Travis Austin Wright & Marc David Martell

#4: “Broken Rules Edge” by Harmony Star Gullette, Renato Sebastiani & Jordan Michael Rogers

#3: “Digital Romance Edge” by Sean Christopher Watson & Zolt Balogh

#2: “Roadside Blonde Edge” by Steve Laird Bennett Harley & James Gerald Bond

And the #1 Song is: “Higher Edge” by KC Carter & Dennis P. Corolina

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