TunEdge Production Music Library updates for Monday and Tuesday cover the following genres of Production Music; Trip Hop Production Music, Electro Rock Production Music, Lounge Production Music, Hard Rock Production Music and Rock Production Music.  Listen to samples of each below.

Low-Fi Runway Low-Fi Runway Full Version  (Description: Laidback, Cool, Chill, Reflective, Introspective, Groove, Stoner, Mellow, Sultry, Electronic – Electro Rock, Hip Hop – Jungle, Hip Hop – Trip Hop)

Buzz, Bang, Boom Buzz, Bang, Boom – Full Version  (Description: Heavy, Bouncy, Gritty, Determined, Rhythmic, Groove, Confident, Party, Dance – Hip Hop, Electronic – Electro Rock)

Dinner With Darling Dinner With Darling – Full Version  (Description: Smooth, Reflective, Sentimental, Nostalgic, Tender, Gentle, Romantic, Cheesey, Peaceful, Satisfied, Drama – Romance, Jazz – Lounge, Orchestral)

Proud Knights of Steel Proud Knights of Steel – Full Version  (Description:Bold, Aggressive, Determined, Heavy, Hard, Masculine, Edgy, Gritty, Action, Sports, Headlines, Proud, Film & TV – Action, News – Sports, Rock – Hard Rock)

Classic Slam Classic Slam(Description: Rock Shell, Classic Rock Shell, Grunge rock groove sounds very thin., Rock, Rock – Pop)

Roadhouse Roadhouse (Description: Rock Shell, Classic Rock Shell, Punk Rock Jam session. Rock, Rock – Hard Rock)

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