Movie Trailer Houses and Film Production Companies can now find Trailer Music From The Conquest Trailer Collection in the TunEdge Cloud App Search.  In the Trailer Music Collection ‘ The Conquest’ one can currently find eight compositions of Trailer Music.  In today’s news from the TunEdge Production Music Library we wanted to spotlight the composition ‘Universal Control’ from ‘The Conquest’ Trailer Collection.  When you listen to the composition below you can hear all the elements one would expect to find in Trailer Music.

‘Universal Control’ is stylized by the feeling of anticipation an adventurous spirit with tension building drama a racing rhythm and feeling of being chased.  ‘Universal Control’ continues to take the listener through a minefield of heavy dramatic pounding drums, punchy edgy aggressive building sounds that remind the listener of a determined Sci-Fi battle. This bombastic cinematic composition could easily be placed in Trailer Music genres such as Trailer Hybrid, Heavy Trailer Drama, Trailer Dub Step Hybrid and Trailer Combat Warfare.

Along with alternate lengths, the main composition ‘Universal Control’ includes stems.  The stems included in this composition are classified as; High Stem, Mid Stem, Low Stem and Drum Stem.


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Trailer Music From The Conquest Trailer Collection Is A Small Part Of The TunEdge Trailer Music

Currently the TunEdge Production Music Library has twenty four Trailer Music Collections and Trailer Imaging FX Collections.  These collections include; Birth Of The Empire, Cilicone Prophet, Dark Matter (Soundtrack Took Kit), Dark Seed, Enigma, Exile (Trailer Hybrid), Fire And Ice, Games Of The Throne, Guardians Of The Arc, Light Years, Lord of The Dammed (Trailer Rock Hybrid), Spy Games, The Conquest, The Fantasy, Thunder Drums, Trailer Hybrid Orchestral Rock, Trailer Imaging FX, Trailer FX Ambience, Trailer FX Ambience Riser, Trailer FX Hit Ambience, Trailer FX Hit Riser, Trailer FX Hits, Trailer FX Risers, Trailer FX Scrapes, Trailer FX Sweep Ambience, Trailer FX Sweep Hit, Trailer FX Sweeps and Trailer FX Synth Riser.

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