Many who scan the TunEdge Music Library are unaware we have more than just music.  Because you may not know I thought I would bring it to your attention TunEdge has Trailer Imaging FX.  Therefore, when you dive into the TunEdge Trailer Collections keep an eye open for the Imaging FX.  So, if you produce Trailers and use Imaging FX we have what you need.

Trailer Imaging FX – Ambiance Trailer FX

Trailer Imaging FX - Ambience

First, on the list of examples is ‘Malicious Breach’.  This composition is off the Ambiance Trailer FX from the TunEdge Trailer Collection.


Imaging FX – Sweep Hit

Trailer Imaging FX - Sweep Hit

Second, in the list of examples, is ‘Battery Surge‘.  This composition hails from the Sweep Hit Trailer FX.


Imaging FX – Risers

Trailer Imaging FX - Risers

Third, in the list of examples you can hear ‘Chaos Is Brewing‘.  The last of our examples comes from the Risers Trailer FX.


In conclusion, you now know, TunEdge Music has plenty of Imaging FX to select from.  Yet, we have more Imaging FX types than what is listed above.  Below you will see the complete list of Imaging FX of course minus what is listed above in our examples.

  • Hit Ambiance
  • Hit Risers
  • Hits
  • Scrapes
  • Sweep Ambiance
  • Sweeps
  • Synth Riser

Most noteworthy, the TunEdge Music Supervisors are always available to help with music searches.  Remember, we are just a simple dial away at 800-279-0014.