Thanksgiving Production Music is similar to Christmas Production Music being that it is a festive holiday based on family and friends.  Musical genres that lend themselves to  Thanksgiving Production are reflective and heartfelt as well as festive party.  Below are two samples of Thanksgiving Production Music.

Festive Holiday Sample

Cookies And Candy Canes Cookies and Candy Canes (Description: Melodic, Carefree, Celebration, Warm, Bouncy, Bright, Optimistic, Happy, Satisfied, Playful, Content, Christmas – Pop, Holiday – Christmas, Retail – Commercial)

Reflective Family Gathering

Relax Piano Relax Piano (Description: Retail – Commercial, Trailer – Romance, Slow, Keyboard – Piano Grand, Relaxing, Beautiful, Travel, Retirement, Calm, Open, Retail – Commercial, Trailer – Romance)

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