What’s your favorite television program? Is it a drama, comedy, cartoon or reality series? Now, really take a moment and think about your favorites scenes from that show. How different would they be if the soundtrack changed? It’s likely that the entire message would be lost if the music was drastically altered.

This is why choosing the right television production music is key to creating a successful TV show. If you are in the production industry, it’s vital that you have access to an expansive music licensing library.

With that in mind, here are some top hits that are perfect for various types of television production music:


Cartoons need a certain playful feel, whether they are meant to appeal to children or adults. Some tunes that are perfect for cartoons can be found in these collections from the TunEdge music licensing library: Cartoon Music, Ukulele, and Kid’s Music.


For those of you that are sports enthusiasts, it’s important to use music that is associated with each particular sport. We’ve got the perfect tracks for Soccer, Hockey, Football and Extreme Sports, just to name a few!


Drama series are all about choosing the right production music and background music to support well-choreographed scenes. Some areas of expertise for drama television series music include CSI, Spy Music and Lite Drama.


Sitcoms are also heavily driven by the music and Sound FX that accompany their story lines. You can find some great music for sitcoms in out Adult Sitcom, Family Fun and Fun & Funky collections.


Finally, there’s reality TV. This is a big ticket item for most popular channels. There are reality TV shows about everything from housewives to singers to survivalists. Some of our reality TV collections that might be able to support your series soundtrack include Reality Mischief, Reality TV Hip Hop and Reality TV Drama.

So, now that you have access to the best tunes for your television series based on genre, contact TunEdge to get a music licensing contract all set up!