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Trailer Music Stone That Bleeds

Trailer Music Stone That Bleeds is just one of the many new compositions of the new Trailer Collection 'Valley Of The Kings'.  This Trailer Collection is stylized by the sounds of the Middle East.  You will hear, many of these compositions feature haunting vocals in ethnic native tongue.  So the next time you are looking [...]

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Nashville Nights Country Music

Nashville Nights Country Music is a new country music collection that was recently released by TunEdge Music.  So, if you are in the mood for some country music then give Nashville Nights a listen. Nashville Nights Country Music - Music Montage Below you can hear a montage of this collection.  Most noteworthy is the fresh, [...]

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Urban Reality TV Music

Reality TV Music is one of the TunEdge Music most watched videos on YouTube.  So to provide more of what our customers want, we have added to the Reality TV series with our new Urban Reality TV Music collection. Urban Reality TV Music - Video Montage Reality TV Music has several unique sounds.  Maybe you [...]

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October Surprise

With the United States Presidential elections getting dirty everyone is expecting an October Surprise.  Due to the craziness of the election so far no one knows what to expect.  Rather than hit you with a  surprise this October TunEdge Music is remaining consistent by releasing more great Production Music. No October Surprise from TunEdge TunEdge Music [...]

Christmas Music Already?

Christmas Music Already?  There is nothing worse than walking into the store this time of year to find Christmas trinkets displayed on the shelves way too early. If your like me it ruins the holiday. So, why am I talking about Christmas already?  Believe it or not, many of us in production start producing those [...]

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Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is a new collection for Production Music from the TunEdge Music Library.  So, when you are looking for Production Music now there is another genre to add to the list from TunEdge.  If you fright easily then think twice before listening to the highlight montage below. Paranormal Activity - Video Montage While you [...]

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Burning Man Collection

A new Burning Man Collection from TunEdge Music comes out just in time to celebrate the Burning Man 2016 Festival.   For those unfamiliar, Burning Man is an annual festival that takes place in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.  Would you believe, festival goers come together to create a community that thrives in the [...]

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September New Production Music

Where has the summer is gone? So, believe it, tomorrow the September New Production Music are releasing in the TunEdge Music Library?  First of all, you know TunEdge never lets our Production Music get old.  Second, as usual you can find alternate versions as well as stems in our new releases. September New Production Music - Video Highlight [...]

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Criminal Minds Beyond Borders

CBS On-Air Promos used TunEdge Production Music in a recent Criminal Minds Beyond Borders promo.  Criminal Minds Beyond Borders is a police crime series that airs on CBS Network.  The TV series is a spin-off of the series by the same name called Criminal Minds.  The series follows a team of elite FBI agents who [...]

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TunEdge Music Introduction

This new video 'TunEdge Music Introduction' is a short concise explanation of what TunEdge Music Library is and what TunEdge Music has to offer our clients. If you need to find great music faster and if you need a huge section of Production Music with great variety take a look at TunEdge Music.  If you [...]

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