Thirty 30’s Disc THR002 – Commercial-Retail

The following list of song names and descriptions are the Production Music tracks found on the Thirty :30’s Disc THR002 "Commercial/Retail".  These Production Music tracks come in Full and Reduced Versions as well as varying lengths.     Track Name                                                  Description River Run Uplifting Style, Medium Tempo, Guitar - Electric  as main instrument. 140 BPM, Description: Retail - Commercial, Rock [...]

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More New Blues – Country – Rock – Alternative Production Music

This week you would have seen the release of more Blues Production Music, Country Production Music, Rock Production Music and Alternative Production Music in the TunEdge Production Music Library Online Catalog.  Below you can hear versions of each. Grab The Girl And Dance Grab The Girl And Dance - Full Version (Description: Building, Bouncy, Fun, Playful, Celebration, [...]

Funky – Country – Blues Rock – Commercial Retail Production Music

 TunEdge Music has released four tracks today and all their mix outs in the following genres Funky Production Music, Country Production Music, Blues Rock Production Music and Commercial Retail Production Music.  Below are samples of these tracks. Nose Bleeds Beats Nose Bleeds Beats - Full Version (Description: Bouncy, Fun, Playful, Celebration, Earthy, Organic, Happy, Breezy, Carefree, Positive, Driving, Optimistic, [...]

Bluegrass and Country Production Music

Bluegrass Production Music and Country Production Music genres have several new Full versions released in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog today.  Listen to the 60 second versions below. Sun Records Romp Sun Records Romp (Description: Bouncy, Fun, Playful, Celebration, Americana, Country, Earthy, Organic, Happy, Breezy, Carefree, Postive, Driving, Optimistic, Determined, Bright, Building, Emotions, Warm, Happy, Bluegrass, Country - [...]

New Funk, Country and Retro Production Music

Today's updates are full of diversity.  Starting below, with two styles of Retro Rock Production Music then Funky Production Music and followed last by Country Production Music.  Each of these updates have various lengths and Full and Reduced versions. High School Ska High School Ska - Full (Description: Confident, Bouncy, Motion, Energy, Youth, Teen, Surf, Summer, Happy, Breezy, Positive, [...]

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What Does Thanksgiving Production Music Sound Like?

Thanksgiving Production Music is similar to Christmas Production Music being that it is a festive holiday based on family and friends.  Musical genres that lend themselves to  Thanksgiving Production are reflective and heartfelt as well as festive party.  Below are two samples of Thanksgiving Production Music. Festive Holiday Sample Cookies And Candy Canes Cookies and Candy [...]

What Does Trailer Music Sound Like?

Wikipedia says; Trailer Music is "(a subset of Production Music) is the background music used for film previews, which is not always from the film's soundtrack. The purpose of this music is to complement, support and integrate the sales messaging of the mini-movie that is a film trailer..." Though this definition is correct it really says nothing [...]

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What is Kitsch Music? What Does Kitsch Commercial Retail Music Sound Like?

What is Kitsch?  Well the definition for something Kitsch means that it is something gaudy, unsubstantial but has a popular appeal.  In a Musical sense Kitsch Music or should we say Kitsch Production Music is characteristic by a sound that is; cheesy, rinky-dinky, bombastic, whimsical, fun, and playful.  In the Film and Video industry something Kitsch [...]