Where Can I Find Piano Music?

TunEdge Music has a large variety of Piano Production Music in various styles from fun, wacky, academic, romantic, sad, somber, dramatic, classical and bluesy.  View the video montage below to hear a sample of some of the selections you can find in the TunEdge Production Music Library of Piano Production Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrxvISiWCwE If you would [...]

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Where Can I Find Crime Scene Investigation Music?

You can find Production Music for Crime Scene Investigation in the TunEdge Music Library.  Below is a video montage featuring just some of the Crime Scene Investigation Music genre.  You will hear the suspenseful, eerie, building and dramatic styles throughout this montage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd8h_tKIYO0 For information on licensing any of these tracks please call TunEdge Music [...]

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Imaging Effects, Rock Stabs and Dramatic Rock Production Music

If you missed this weeks Production Music updates take a listen below to the Imaging Effects, Rock Stabs, Patriotic and Dramatic Rock Production Music. CK4001_18_Scrape CK - 4001 - 18 (Description: Metallic ion shield. Separator, Sweeper) CK4001_17_Scrape CK - 4001 - 17 (Description: Tranquil tone wash. Separator, Sweeper) Cloverleaf Cloverleaf (Description: Rock Shell, Classic Rock Shell, Punk rock style stab, Rock, Rock - [...]

Film and TV Action Music

Just out today, TunEdge Music Services releases a Production Music track of Film & TV Action Music.  Listen to the :60 Full Version below. Rise Of The Robots Rise Of The Robots (Description: Dramatic, Building, Action, Adventure, Epic, Heavy, Hard, Aggressive, Edgy, Dramatic, Trailer, Driving, Determined, Bold, Motion, Angry, Masculine, Film & TV - Action, Rock - Heavy [...]

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Extreme Sports Music and St. Patrick’s Day Music

Less then an week until the party starts in pubs across the country celebrating St. Patrick's Day.  If you are looking for Production Music for your St. Patrick's Day video productions then check out the music TunEdge Music has available for Synchronization License in the video montage below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yy85B8e8eDE Also out today is a new [...]

Where to find Sports Production Music, Funk Production Music and Imaging Effect

If you missed any of the TunEdge Production Music Library updates over the last two days, take a listen to what you have missed below.  Sports Production Music, Funk Production Music and Imaging Effects.  Most of these tracks come in various lengths and Full and Reduced Version. Danger On The 94th Floor Danger On The 94th Floor [...]

Find New Film & TV Action and Rock Stabs

Just out today, TunEdge Music has new Film & TV Action Production Music and Rock Stabs.  Below are samples of each. The Secret Society The Secret Society - Full Version (Description: Dramatic, Bold, Aggressive, Determined, Heavy, Hard, Masculine, Edgy, Gritty, Action, Sports, Headlines, Proud, Film & TV - Action, Rock - Hard Rock, Sports - Extreme Sports) Two [...]

Find New Dramatic Trailer, 1950’s, Dance Music and Imaging Effects

Tuesday TunEdge Music Library released Dramatic Trailer Production Music, 1950's Production Music, Dance Production Music and Imaging Effects.  Below or samples of each. The Power Of Pure Steel The Power Of Pure Steel - Full Version (Description: Building, Cinematic, Dramatic, Suspense, Action, Adventure, Trailer, Tension, Determined, Drama - Suspense, Film & TV - Epic, Trailer) Berry Burns [...]

You Can Find Sports Rock And Rockabilly Blues Production Music At TunEdge

If you missed the TunEdge Music updates from February 11th then take a listen below to the Production Music updates you missed.  These tracks cover such genres as Sports Rock Production Music and Rockabilly Blues Production Music as well as Imaging Effects. Heavy Ass Drumline Heavy Ass Drumline - Full Version  (Description: Hard, Heavy, Edgy, Gritty, Aggressive, Bold, Confident, Building, [...]