In the music licensing business, it is important to build partnerships. One of our closest partners is Swag Candy Music, a boutique music company that specializes in matching artists, producers and songs. We feature a strong and unique library of their music within the TunEdge music licensing library. Today, we’d like to shine a spotlight on just a few of their many hits.

Touch the Sky has a unique beat and a catchy hook. It could be featured well in any type of film, or television series, especially during a modern, uplifting or inspirational scene. The lyrics are really focused on “going for the gold” and “touching the sky” as the title suggests.

The Hero Awakes would be perfect for a superhero film, an incredibly popular genre at this moment in time. It features a rock beat and a smooth alternative, indie rock vocal track. It can get gritty at some points, and the lyrics suggest hard work and perseverance from the title hero.

Table Dance sounds pretty perfect for a dance or club scene. The rap vocals are swift and strong, the lyrics are definitely perfectly tailored for a strip club scene in a film, but it could definitely be featured elsewhere. This track also has a young vibe.

Right Moment has a slow build, could work perfectly for opening credits in a film or TV show. It goes into a pop/punk-type vocal with simple lyrics, setting it up to be a great fit for a teen coming-of-age flick.

Selfie Girl offers a unique track for your music licensing needs. This is actually a country track, with male vocals. It would be great for a montage scene in a film that introduces that “It” girl as she strolls through a honky tonk bar. The lyrics are also pretty straight forward — the guy wants the girl.

All of this music is available to license through TunEdge. If you have questions, or are ready to license some Swag Candy Music, contact us, and we’ll set up a music licensing contract for you!