This week TunEdge Music has released Imaging Effects, Rock Shells (Rock Stabs) Production Music and Trailer Riser Production Music.  Below are samples of each of these updates.

Upbringing Upbringing (Description: Rock Shell, Classic Rock Shell, Avery Awkward rock transitional stab, Rock, Rock – Heavy Metal)

Metallic Mist Metallic Mist (Description: Rock Shell, Classic Rock Shell, Up tempo rock jam session loud guitars and blazing drums, Rock, Rock – Heavy Metal)

CK3004_18_Juiced CK 3004 – 18 (Description: Whirring analog ascent. Punctuator, Separator)

CK3004_17_Juiced CK 3004 – 17 (Description: Short frequency blast. Punctuator, Separator)

Sugar Drop Sugar Drop (Description: Apocalyptic, Powerful, Pounding, Intense, Jet, Accelerating, Hissing, Rocket, Takeoff, Anticipation, Sweeping, Liftoff, Mysterious, Sci-Fi, Trailer, SFX, Building, Suspense, Thriller, Dark, Sinister, Film & TV – Suspense, Trailer)

If you need help finding Production Music or Imaging Effects, in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog, for your next project call TunEdge Music and speak with one of our Music Supervisors.