TunEdge Music Library has new Retail Advertising Music coming out today.  While one of these compositions would fall under the Retail Delicate genre.  Quite opposite the other falls under the Retail Cool Ads genre.  Therefore anyone can find exactly what they are looking for in the TunEdge Production Music Library.

Retail Advertising Music

Retail Advertising Music – Retail Delicate

Sleep Well My Darling‘ below was released today.  While this composition is gentle and warm it is also enchanting and reflective.  As much as it is perfect for family advertising as a result of its tender and heartfelt style.  Most of all it falls into the ukulele genre of music.


Retail Advertising Music – Retail Cool Ads

Burn It Out‘ also released today, is the polar opposite to ‘Sleep Well My Darling‘.  Hence you will not be surprised to hear the futuristic driving sounds of progressive house music.  Both driving, fun and bouncy this composition is the ideal party or celebration track.  It is especially relevant to teen and youthful advertising.  Most noteworthy is this composition comes with drums stems, bass stems, synths stems and vocal stems.


Retail Advertising Music – We Will Help In Your Searches

When it comes to looking for music in the TunEdge Music Library, no one knows our music better than our Music Supervisors.  With music consultants ready and excited to help with any search that comes their way.  There is not better time to call for help then now.  Give us a call today at 800-279-0014.