With more and people working from home, and with our increasing reliance on computer and technology to do our jobs, a majority of Americans are more sedentary and unhealthy than ever before. Composers, audio engineers, and musicians are especially prone to being stuck in front of their gear for hours on end, and while it’s easy to lose track of time, it can take a toll on our minds and bodies.

ASCAP’s wellness program has a new blog about how to reduce stress on your body when you’re stuck at a computer all day. These tips include:

  • Moving around more: It seems so simple and obvious, but getting up and walking around every 30 minutes or so can alleviate cramps and pains.
  • Have an ergonomic setup: Good chairs, lumbar pillows for support, and relaxing your shoulders are key for long stretches in front of your computer.
  • Pay attention to your alignment: Sit nice and tall, and squeeze your shoulder blades together to ease up tension.
  • Roll it: Foam rollers and yoga balls can ease the stress and tension of sitting.
  • Stretch: These stretches can include the seated 4 figure piriformis stretch, the seated child’s pose, doorway stretch, chin tuck, hip flexor stretch, cat cow, and scapular retractions

All these tips can help your body stay healthy without having to compromise your workflow, passion, or creativity.