Reaching The Truth starts with a fanciful light piano and synthetic rhythmic melody.  Then instantly one will hear a transition into large orchestral swells of strings.  The slowly building tones of this composition reach even higher heights as they are complimented by trumpeting horns and crashing cymbals.  Without notice, completely and unexpected the whole composition comes to an almost instant halt.  While slow pounding key chords bring the energy of this composition to a crawl.  As quick as the whole experience stopped, it again starts in fervor.  Now almost as if racing to the finish line, the orchestra expands.  More and more orchestral swells and builds until the energetic increase of anticipation is halted by a slow fade into nothingness.  Below you can hear all this for yourself.


Reaching The Truth – Added to ‘The Fantasy’ Trailer Collection

Perusing the TunEdge Music Trailer Collection one will find ‘The Fantasy’.  While this collection falls in the realm of epic trailer music, most noteworthy is the distinct sounds that say “Fantasy”.  So when you next listen to this collection you will hear magical, mystical and the mysterious flavors of fantasy.  Reaching The Truth

Reaching The Truth

License Music From The TunEdge Trailer Collections

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