Production Music, wondering what it is?  Have you ever wondered to yourself, where the music in commercials and in TV promos comes from?  Would you believe that the majority of this music is what is called ‘Production Music’  also referred to as Stock Music and sometimes called Library Music.

This type of music is recorded music that has been produced and is owned by Music Libraries, like TunEdge Music Services.  The copyrights for the music in Music Libraries is typically owned by Music Libraries.  This allows the libraries to licences the music to customers for use in Radio, TV, Film or any other type of media that would require a Synchronization License without getting the permission from the music composers.

The TunEdge Music Library has a huge selection of covering hundreds of genres of music.  The music in the TunEdge Catalog has been put together in a way that is intuitive to the user.  So, this makes searching for a particular style of music much easier than shuffling through a stack of CD’s.


Production Music