TunEdge Production Music Library is continuing strong with new Production Music updates through the end of 2013.  Check out the Production Music and Imaging Effects that came out this week below.

CK3004_19_Juiced CK 3004 – 19 (Description: Pneumatic air blast, Punctuator, Separator)

CK3004_20_Juiced CK 3004 – 20 (Description: Distant creepy cosmic ambiance, Punctuator, Separator)

Holidaze Holidaze (Description: Rock Shell, Classic Rock Shell, 70’s Style rock stab, Rock, Rock – Hard Rock)

Iron This Iron This (Description: Rock Shell, Classic Rock Shell, 70’s rock groove stab, Rock, Rock – Pop)

If you missed any of the Production Music updates from 2013 check out the video below.

If you need help finding any Production Music please call one of our Music Supervisors at 800-279-0014.