What is the TunEdge Music History? TunEdge Music Services is one of the most established music libraries in the business, and has been in operation since 1996.  Although TunEdge was not around at the conception of production music in the early 1900’s, we have tirelessly strived for excellence, unceasingly producing quality music, imaging work-parts and SFX for the industry.  Our aspirations have always been simple: to provide a better quality service to music supervisors, producers, editors, and creative media producers.

And in 2005, we took it to another level: TunEdge music teamed up with Slynth System to make the fastest, most intuitive online production music search available in the industry today.  We devoted over three years of research and countless hours (interviewing music supervisors, producers, and editors) to developing the Slynth database, crystallizing the idea of what an online production music search should be.  The Slynth audio search stands out above the rest because of its speed, intuitiveness and its ability to search by genre, style, tempo, main instrument, key word, composer, and more.  With account management capabilities, users can create and share playlists; download approval and tracking can be maintained; and naturally, music supervisors, producers, and editors ultimately maintain complete control over the music they license.

In other words, TunEdge now leads the industry with the best online production music search available.

TunEdge Music History – Who Uses TunEdge?

Who currently uses the TunEdge Production Music Library?  Right now, across the world, you’ll find music supervisors, editors, and producers using TunEdge and Slynth.  You’ll find our music used among media heavyweights like Turner Broadcasting, Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC, HBO, VH-1…you name them, and we’ve probably worked with them.  Hundreds of radio and TV stations and thousands of post-production companies are all currently using the TunEdge production music library catalog.   Even small production companies, videographers and film students use TunEdge music.

TunEdge music provides the best online catalog of over 30,000 tracks of production music and imaging effects.  We update our catalog monthly with hundreds of tracks of music, imaging work-parts, and sound effects.  We are always working with new composers so our libraries never get stale or recycled.

For those who wonder, what is production music and do I need any?  Production music is: music and imaging effects that come in virtually endless styles and genres.  Historically, production music libraries have been used as background music in: commercials, film, TV series, TV and radio promos, corporate videos, DVDs, cartoons, Internet websites, e-mail marketing, and video games.  Virtually any kind of multimedia that requires music or imaging effects would benefit from a production music library like TunEdge.