What is a Synchronization License?  It’s a License that is granted by the person who holds the copyright for the song.  This can be an individual or company. Music synchronization licenses allow the licensor to combine the music with a visual music output. Video Games, TV Shows, Commercials, etc.

Songs or Musical compositions have two copyrights; one copyright is for the song itself and one copyright is for the recording of the song.  The rights for the composition of the actual song are usually administered by a Publishing Company.  Full Synchronization licenses such as the ones for Music Production Companies usually include the song/composition rights and the master recording rights.  This allows music production libraries such as TunEdge Music and other to easily license Production Music for TV, Film, Youtube videos, Commercials, etc.   (For more information on Synchronization Rights visit: 

Typically Production Music Publishers, like TunEdge Music Services, have several types of synchronization licenses to choose from depending on the application you are using the license for.

Drop or Needle Drop Licenses:  Allow the user to license production music on a per use basis.  Each time a piece of music is used a cost is incurred.  The cost is computed by the type of production a piece of music is used in.  The average range of prices for a Drop range from $50 on the low end to $5000+ on the high end.  Prices can vary greatly depending on the popularity, uniqueness of the music and the Music Publisher who owns it.  Most Production Music Publishers do not require a fee to have a Drop or Needle Drop License.

Blanket License: Allow users to license production music with a broad range of usage.  Typically a license is restricted to a specific geographic area or DMA, such as a TV stations broadcast area or to a country, like the USA.  Blanket Licenses always come with a duration or time limit.  Most are between 1 and 3 years but Network licenses can be as long as 5 years.  A Blanket License can have restrictions on how many songs can be synchronized but typically they have unlimited usage within a set of defined Production Music Libraries.  The usage of music is always limited to specific type of production or a set of specific production types.  For Example: Broadcast, Web Video, Corporate Video or Commercial Productions to name a few.  Blanket Licenses can range in price anywhere from $500 on the low end to $100,000+ on the high end.

Production Blanket License: Is a License that is similar to a Blanket License in almost every way, the biggest difference is that a Production Blanket License is limited to one specific production.  For Example: TV or Cable Series, Educational DVD, or a single Show or Program.

Single Song License:  Is a license that allows a single song to be synchronized for the purpose or use as a theme for a specific production or TV show.  This differs from a Drop License in that the song will be used many times in a production in a thematic position but will only incur one fee or price for all the usages.  Single Song Licenses range in price from $200 on the low end to in the thousands on the high end.

TunEdge Music Services provides all the above Synchronization Licenses for their customers.