There are two types of Production Music Companies, a “Lease” Production Music Company and a “Buyout” or “Royalty Free” Production Music Company.  Each type has its advantages and disadvantages which I will list below.

Lease Production Music Company: Typically has the largest assortment of Production Music available to its customers.  These types of Lease Production Music companies have a large catalog of Production Music.  Also you would find a greater amount of updated music throughout any given year than a Buyout Production Music company.  Lease Production Music companies also have more flexibility in their pricing structure than Buyout Production Music company.  TunEdge Production Music Library is a Lease Production Music Company.

Buyout/ Royalty Free Production Music Company:  Though these companies typically have less music many customers find less hassle with these types of Production Music companies because they don’t have to renew a license every year.  Once music is purchased, typically, no more requirements are required from the customer in using the music.  Lease Production Music companies typically have limits of one type or another.  For example; Music can only be used in a specific type of video (Web, Corporate, TV Promo), though typically restricted to TV Commercials and Promos a time limit may be placed on how many weeks a Production Music track can be played in a production.

Once again, both types of Production Music companies have their advantages and disadvantages and it is wise for anyone who is looking to use music in any kind of production to call a Production Music company and ask a lot of questions.