To find Music For Video you would need to do one of three things.

1. The first option and the easiest way to find music would be to find music from a Production Music  company.  You can find 2 types of Production Music companies online.  There is what could be called the Lease Production Music Companies and then there are the “Buyout” or “Royalty Free” Production Music companies.  Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.  In either case you can find music from as low as a few dollars up to a few thousand dollars.

2. The second and possibly and potentially the most expensive way to put music in your video is to contact the Publisher for popular song that you have heard on the radio.  If you go this route the price for a piece of music will typically run $5,000 up to millions.  Once again this is typically too costly for most individuals and the majority of companies making a video.

3. The third and by far the most difficult would be to write your own music.  If you write your own original piece of music which you own the rights to then it is no problem to use in your own video.  For many, writing original music can be a problem because most people lack the skills or talent to play a musical instrument.  If you do have the skill the next problem you will face is recording your music in a studio.  If you are one of the few people who do have these skills then read no further.  If by chance you are like the vast majority of people then I suggest you keep reading.

It is important for anyone looking to find Music For Video to know what Synchronization Rights are because a Synchronization License is needed to synchronize your video with the music you wish to put into the video.