To License Music for YouTube Video you will need to find music that you can obtain a Synchronization License for.  Furthermore, the music must be easy to license and easy to find.  If you are thinking of using music from a major artist like Madonna, Katy Perry or the like…think again.  What one may not realize is, licensing music for a YouTube video from a major artist would cost major money.  Believe it or not, it could run in the hundreds of thousands or more.

License Music for YouTube Video That is Easy To Find

So if you are looking for music for your YouTube video than find a Production Music company like TunEdge Music.  TunEdge Music has a online cloud based search that is intuitive, quick and refreshing to use.  You will find, most users of our search can find music in a matter of minutes.  With hundreds of genres and styles to search finding music is a breeze.

License Music for YouTube Video That is Affordable

TunEdge Music Library works with each YouTube channel taking into account both subscribers and average view count.  So, if you are just starting out you get a break in the licensing rate as apposed to those well established large channels who will be required to pay a more appropriate rate.