Production Music FAQ is for individuals who are new to Music Licensing and Production Music they will soon discover that the Production Music industry has a language to itself.  We here at the TunEdge Production Music Library have put together this list of Production Music FAQ to help those who are new to the industry understand what is meant by certain phase or words that are used when licensing Production Music.

In the TunEdge Music Production Music FAQ section you can find the answer to such questions as:

Production Music FAQ about Licensing Music or Production Music

How can I find Production Music online?

How do I get music for my video?

How do I license music for my YouTube Video?

How Do I Report A Drop or Needle Drops Usage?

What are Performing Rights?

What is a Blanket License?

What is a Drop or Needle Drop License?

What is a Production Blanket License?

What is a Single Song License?

What is a Synchronization License?

What is Production Music?

What Is The History Of TunEdge Music?

What Kind of Production Music Companies Can I get Music From?

Who Are The Performing Rights Organizations In America?

Production Music FAQ about Music Search Questions and Answers

Can I download my playlist?

Cloud Search Interface Options?

Does it cost more to download Wave files?

Production Music In Different Lengths and Versions?

Does the TunEdge Music Library come with sound effects?

How Do I find a Music Supervisor?

How Do I Find Music in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog?

If I have a Drop License Agreement Do I have to pay to Download Music

What Are Full & Reduced Song Versions?

What are the Audio Types I can find in the TunEdge Production Music Library? 

What does it mean when a song says it is a Full or Reduced Version?

What If I need Help Finding Music?

What is a Music Supervisor?

What Is A Sounder Stager?

What Sound Effect Genres Are Found In The TunEdge Library?

What Type Of Audio File Are Available For Download?

What Types Of Criteria Can I Search By?

What Types Of Genres Are Found In The Sounder Stager Audio Type?

What Types Of Genres Of Music Are In the TunEdge Music Library?

What Types of Moods Or Styles Are In The TunEdge Music Library?

Where Do I Download My Tracks From?

Will The Download Cart Save My Searched Choices When I Log Out?

Other sources you can find answers to questions about Music Licensing and Production Music are; ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, & Wikipedia.