What is Production Music As Heard On?  Most people watching television never realize, much of the music they hear is “Production Music“.  Production Music is used both in show, in promos and in commercials.  If you are watching television today you may have heard music from the TunEdge Production Music Library without even realizing it.  The TunEdge Production Music has been heard on TV Shows, TV Series, Movies, Trailer, and Commercials.  This ‘Production Music As Heard On…’ collage features a small handful of the TV Shows and TV Series that have used Production Music from the TunEdge Production Music Library, shows like; The Flash, 60 Minutes, Gotham, The Goodwife, Empire, American Idol, CSI: Cyber, Crazy-Ex Girlfriend, Glee, Anderson Cooper 360, Master Chef, The Last Man On Earth, Bones, Madam Secretary, The Big Bang Theory, House, Late Show with Stephen Colbert, American Dad, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Scorpion, The Bold And The Beautiful, NCIS and many more that could not be included in this collage.

Production Music As Heard On

Keeping Production Music As Heard On… Fresh

To maintain an edge on what it fresh and new in the music industry the TunEdge Production Music Library releases new material almost daily.  These new compositions covering a large variety of musical moods, styles and genres.  When searching the TunEdge Cloud App Search someone can select from categories like;  50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s Rock & Pop, 90’s Rock, 90’s Dance & Hip Hop, Acoustic Guitars, Adult Comedy, Adventure Action, Americana, Asia, Auto Car & Truck Commercials, Big Band Swing, Blues, Bossa Nova, Building Inspiration, Cartoon, Christmas, Circus & Clowns, Classical, Combat Warfare, Cooking, Corporate Business, Country Classic, Country Fun, Country Hot, Country Retail, Country Rockin, Country Swamp, Crime Investigation, Day Time TV, DIY (Do It Yourself), Documentary Dramatic Back Drop, Documentary Lite Back Drop, Drama Heavy, Drama Lite, Drum & Bass Funk, Dub Step Hard, Dub Step Hybrid, Education, Epic, Exercise Workout, Family, Fanfare, Fashion, Financial, Funeral, Funky Grooves, Funky Horns, Gameday, Gospel , Halloween, Health And Medical, Hip Hop Classic, Hip Hop Drama, Hip Hop Heavy, Hip Hop Mystery, Hip Hop Positive, Hip Hop Sexy, Horror, International, Island Caribbean & Hawaiian, Kids, Kitsch Spy, Late Night, Latin Cinco De Mayo, Legal, Lounge, Luxury, Magic & Wonder,  Marching Band, Mardi Gras (New Orleans), Middle Eastern Highlight, Military, New Age, New Years Eve, News Themes And Stories, News TV Promo, Night Club (Dance), Night Club (Hip Hop), Olympic Highlight 1, Olympic Highlight 2, Patriotic, Piano, Political Ads, Polka, Pop Fun Party Girl, Real Estate, Reality TV Drama, Reality TV Hip Hop, Reality TV House Wife’s, Reality TV Mischief, Reflections, Reggae, Restaurants, Retail Ads, Retail Back To School, Retail Cool Ads Highlight, Retail Delicate, Retail Friendly, Retail Hard Sell, Retail Holiday, Retail Kitsch, Retail Lite, Retail Shopping Fun, Retail Soft Sell, Retail Summer Fun, Retail Upscale, Retail Youth Advertising, Rock (Classic), Rock (Heavy), Rock (Lite), Rock (Southern), Smooth & Sexy, Smooth R&B, Spacey Trip Hop, Sports Auto Racing, Sports Baseball, Sports Basketball, Sports College Sports, Sports Extreme, Sports Football, Sports Golf, Sports Hockey, Sports Retrospective, Sports Soccer, St Patrick’s Day (Irish), Super Hero, Surf Punk, Surf Retro, Tango, Technology, Trailer & Film, Trailer Drama, Trailer Hybrid, Trailer Hybrid Orchestral Rock, Trailer Imaging FX, Triumph The Winners, TV Promo, Ukulele, Vacation, Valentine’s Day, Video Games, Weddings and Western.

Releasing new material keeps the TunEdge Music topical, hip, and up to date, so the next time your watching television it may be music from the TunEdge Production Music Library.  

Whether you are looking for Production Music for a TV Series, Trailers, or Commercials, TunEdge Music has a large selection to chose from.  If you would like to hear music from the TunEdge Production Music library for yourself, give me call at 800-279-0014 or send me an email joel@tunedge.com.  With my knowledge and expertise of the music in the TunEdge Production Music Library I can help you find music that would be ideal for your production/s.