Valentine’s Day is a time filled with: passion, love, roses, chocolate and even your favorite bottle of wine. It is one of the top holiday’s next to Christmas that seem to bring out the best in people. A day of poetic thoughts and intimate dinners, Valentine’s Day often makes the hardest of hearts soft. Of all days what seems to make this day stand out so much?

Is it the dinner that helps you unwind at the end of a great date? Or your relaxed mood after you and your sweetheart vibe to your favorite tune? Is this where the real fun starts when great music is played?

Retailers, music licensing companies, music producers, film supervisors, and brand strategists know Valentine’s Day is so successful and important because of how it is marketed through various channels of entertainment. Channels such as: internet ads, films, radio and television reach people all over the world. Specifically here in North America, audiences are targeted to help companies bring in more revenue.

Through music and advertising, couples from cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto get mysteriously struck by cupid’s arrow. The holiday shopping spirit intensifies as stores, tv ads, radio promos, and movies play love songs with images of lovebirds renewing their commitments and tenderly kissing each other.

In celebration of this spectacular day we have created this Romantic Music Production Montage just for all the lovers in the world. So if you are a hopeless romantic and looking to add more spice to Valentine’s Day check out the video below:


“Heart Shaped Box” is what we start with.  This song is melodic and soothing to the heart.

“Blaze” is for those who want to keep things fresh. This track merges pop and hip-hop with an up-beat tempo.

“Romantic Scratch” takes you on a journey of storied romance. This is a great song for couples with a long stance and history.

“Break Free” a great up tempo heart-felt melody. A great way to break the shackles off your  romance.

“Slipping Away” a song of expression for the future. For those who don’t want their love to ever leave.

These are just a few of the awesome tracks we developed to make your entertainment projects stand out. Let Tunedge become your very own licensing and music consultant of choice. Contact us today!

For more great music this Valentine’s Day 2017 visit TunEdge Production Music. With an enormous online catalog, 13 commercial music production libraries and over 1000 songs with various genres we are the perfect place for all your music needs. We offer clients the best services to help ignite more passion this Valentine’s Day.

It does not matter the genre or artist you listen to: r&b, hip-hop, country, or classical, we guarantee Tunedge has what you need.

So this Valentine’s Day pull out all the stops and hold nothing back. We want you to make the biggest impression possible that will make memories that last a lifetime. As you are in this present moment how do you want your Valentine’s Day to be remembered?

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