States are slowly reopening, people are vaccinated (well, some people anyway), and summer is here: people are ready to get back “out there,” and this includes bands!

Musicthinktank has a good article that offers bands/musicians tips for easing back into a touring lifestyle. To wit:

Starting small: don’t book extended tours, or overseas dates. Dip your toe into the water and see how it feels first.

Playing outside: Outdoor gathering are safer according to data, and may also yield a larger audience to boot. Win/win.

Keeping humble: Adjust your expectations about the current climate of not only the music business, but the country and the world in general as the pandemic stubbornly clings on.

Going “Big”: This is a great time to think “out of the box” as a creative type. With so much of the media world destabilized from COVID, use the opportunity to find new ways to connect with fans.

Staying Optimistic: It’s easy to get discouraged as a band right now, but it’s important to remember that people are starved for live music and for connection with other people. So keep at it!