With the United States Presidential elections getting dirty everyone is expecting an October Surprise.  Due to the craziness of the election so far no one knows what to expect.  Rather than hit you with a  surprise this October TunEdge Music is remaining consistent by releasing more great Production Music.

October Surprise

No October Surprise from TunEdge

TunEdge Music remains especially relevant by continuing the release of great new music in October.  These new composition covers a wide range of genres and styles.  ‘Skies Wide Open’ is a light reflective piece with western guitar feeling.  While ‘Intensify’ is dramatic, action packed suspenseful Trailer Music.  Would you believe, you can also hear heavy pounding Hip Hop compositions like ‘Against The Tide’.  Another Trailer Music piece with suspense and action that is big and bold is ‘Snake Pit’.  And finally when fall days are cooling things off a little Hawaiian music can warm things up again with the ukulele strumming in ‘Simple Kine’.

Since I could go on and on, it would be better to hear for yourself by listening to the video montage below.



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