News TV Promo Music covers a variety of styles.  So, whether a news promo is for sports or urgent news it has a sound of it’s own.  Just released today the composition ‘Post Game Roast’ is ideal for this News TV Promo genre.  TunEdge Music has exciting collection of News Promo Music and ‘Post Game Roast’ is now one more in this collection.

News TV Promo

News TV Promo Music – Post Game Roast

While ‘Post Game Roast’ is upbeat and energetic one of it’s most notable features is it comes with Stems.  So besides Drums-Percussion Stems it also has Bass Stems and Key Stems.


TunEdge Music has new music coming out almost every day.  Each of these new compositions along with the rest of our catalog can all be licensed by calling 800-279-0014 and speaking with one of our Music Supervisors.