Welcome to the end of 2017, and the beginning of 2018: Happy New Year! What an exciting and enchanting time of year. It’s time to begin again, a fresh start… a chance to make the most of the upcoming year by starting out on the right foot.

But before the New Year begins, we must celebrate our accomplishments and reflect on the year that is ending. And the way you decide to celebrate is totally up to you. However, we are here to help you choose the right soundtrack to illustrate your year in review.

Whether you’re partying until the sun comes up, or keeping things low-key so you can relax and choose the best music licensing for your television or film productions with a clear head in the morning, we’ve got music for any occasion.

The New Year’s Eve Dance-A-Thon

One favorite type of party on New Year’s Eve is the dance party! Everyone is able to enjoy some cocktails, champagne and dance like noone is watching. Our EDM Party Dance mix or our Night Club Dance montage are both perfect for this type of gathering. Whether your dance party has 10 people or 100, you’ll all be dancing the night away in sync.

New Year’s Eve Rockin’ Rager

Love rock music, going to concerts & festivals, and drowning in a mosh pit? This is a great way to ring in the new year, but definitely requires a different type of soundtrack. Let TunEdge set up a music licensing contract for you and get you on track with some Hard Rock or 90s Rock to create the right atmosphere for your New Year’s Eve Rockin’ Rager!

Glitz & Glamour

Many people enjoy the finer things in life and will be throwing a glitzy and glamourous New Year’s Eve party. If you’re attending one of these this year, some Classical Music should create a nice ambiance throughout the evening. Another wise choice for music licensing at this type of party would be some Piano Music.


Tradition is important, especially in our rapidly changing world. It’s a good idea to have the traditional Auld Lang Syne at your New Year’s Eve party when the ball drops. To add to the traditional theme of the evening, be sure to utilize tracks from our Christmas and New Year’s Production Music montage.

Zen & The Art of New Year’s Eve Parties

Keeping things low-key and simple this year? New Year’s is just as much a time for reflection as it is a time for celebration and parties. Keep things relaxed with the Bossa Nova or some Acoustic Guitar melodies.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate the new year, TunEdge wishes you good fortune and happy times as you welcome in 2018! Happy New Year!