It’s a new year, and if you’re trying to shed some holiday pounds or stay in shape, you are not alone. The new year is the perfect time to set goals, and many people tend to join a gym in the first month of the year to facilitate this. However, about 80% of people that join a gym in January quit within 5 months. Which side of that statistic will you be on?

One way you can stay fit is by investing in an at-home workout plan. At least when it comes to this option, you don’t have to pack a gym bag and drag yourself somewhere you aren’t really motivated to go to after a long day of work.

And how about if you are a film producer working on a new exercise video project? We all know the music makes the workout — do you have the right music licensing to accompany your exercise video projects? Each person tends to be motivated by a different type of music. Here are a few different options from our music licensing library to help you find the right tracks for your production:

Dance Music

For those of you that burn the most calories by dancing the night away, an up-tempo beat is going to be vital to workout success. Try some of our Night Club hits, or check out Twerk that Brass to get moving on the path to physical fitness greatness!

Hip Hop

Grooving to funky hip hop beats can really create the right atmosphere for a great workout. Many people even like to get involved in choreographed routines to hip hop music. Set up some killer routines with songs like Beast Mode or one of the hits from our Dance & Hip Hop montage.

Perfect for Yogis

Not everyone has the patience for it, but if you do, an excellent way to stay both calm and in-shape is to participate in yoga. Some great songs to relax to can be found in our New Age and Reflections collections. And if you’re thinking out of the box, Bossa Nova can be an interesting yoga tune.

Rock it Out

It may not be the mainstream type of music used in exercise classes, but rock music can really get a lot of people energized. Try some tracks from our Drum & Bass collection, or check out hits from 90s Rock or Heavy Rock.

Bring ‘da Funk

And keep the good times rolling in your living room workout studio with funky tunes to keep you relaxed and having fun while breaking a sweat. Find your workout sweet spot with Funky Grooves, Lounge and Reggae music from our collection.

Whatever your workout style is, TunEdge can help you find the best tunes, and set up a music licensing contract you can stand by. For other options, be sure to check out our entire music licensing library!