New Trailer Music ‘Hero In Chains‘ is a new release just out from TunEdge Music.   Furthermore, this dramatic and epic trailer composition is a new addition to the ‘Games Of The Throne’ Trailer Collection.

New Trailer Music 'Hero In Chains'

New Trailer Music ‘Hero In Chains’ – What To Expect

This dramatic epic trailer composition draws the listener in through rhythmic cellos pulsing like a rapid heart rate.  No sooner do you find yourself captured by the music do you hear thundering drums pound into the melody.  Immediately triumphant horns echo into existence on top of all the elements followed by sweeping orchestral swells.   Finally you hear the composition building until the ultimate climax of heroism.  This distinctly building trailer composition has mood, energy, intrigue, suspense and anticipation.  All elements that say ‘Trailer Music’!


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While Trailer Music is an essential part to any Hollywood movie trailer and finding trailer music can be a task.  As a result, TunEdge Music has devoted years to building a collection of exclusive Trailer Collections of Music.  So, whether you find something from ‘Games Of The Throne’, Enigma or Cilicone Prophet, be assured you will hear only the highest quality of Trailer Music.  TunEdge Music has also may finding and licensing music from our Trailer Collections a pleasure.  Therefore give TunEdge Music a call at 800-279-0014 the next time you need Trailer Music and speak with one of our Music Supervisors.