Yesterday TunEdge Production Music Library released the following tracks in the Production Music Catalog all with alternate versions and lengths.  As you will hear by listening to the samples below the Production Music genres covered in these new track are Funk Production Music, Country Production Music and Imaging Effects.

Jackson Killer Jackson KillerFull Version (Description: Party, Vintage, Blaxploitation, 1970’s, Bouncy, Fun, Carefree, Happy, Satisfied, Groove, Funky, Confident, Optimistic, Dance – Disco, Funk)

Out To Wine Country Out To Wine Country – Full Version (Description: Melodic, Reflective, Laidback, Gritty, Heavy, Rough, Country, Reality, Resolution, Bright, Country, Rock – Country)

Back From That Back From That – Full Version (Description: Bouncy, Groove, Cool, Hip, Blaxploitation, 1970’s, Vintage, Funky, Fun, Determined, Funk, Rock – Funk)

CK4001_03_Scrape CK – 4001 – 03(Description: Sharp analog tone and hissing. Separator, Sweeper)

CK4001_04_Scrape CK – 4001 – 04(Description: Kazoo-like tone ascending. Separator, Sweeper)

If you are interested in getting a Synchronization License for any of the Production Music in the TunEdge Music catalog please give us a call at 800-279-0014.