Today’s updates are full of diversity.  Starting below, with two styles of Retro Rock Production Music then Funky Production Music and followed last by Country Production Music.  Each of these updates have various lengths and Full and Reduced versions.

High School Ska High School Ska – Full (Description: Confident, Bouncy, Motion, Energy, Youth, Teen, Surf, Summer, Happy, Breezy, Positive, Driving, Optimistic, Determined, Rock – Surf, Ska, Retro Rock)

Back To The Past Back To The Past – Full (Description: Bouncy, Fun, Playful, Celebration, Retro, Earthy, Organic, Happy, Breezy, Carefree, Positive, Driving, Optimistic, Determined, Bright, Building, Emotions, Warm, Happy, Rock – Rockabilly, Ska, Retro Rock)

Hippie To Hip Hippie To Hip – Full (Description: Detective, Vintage, Groove, Funky, Confident, Driving, Determined, Action, Adventure, Motion, Building, Blaxploitation, Funk, Jazz – Fusion)

Hard Hat Head Hard Hat Head – Full (Description: Riff, Bright, Driving, Road Trip, Energetic, Motion, Bold, Confident, Tough, Rough, Nashville, Scenic, Country, Determined, Optimistic, Earthy, Country, Country – Honky Tonk, Rock – Country)

You can find more of each of these styles of Production Music in the TunEdge Music Online Catalog.  To get your username and password to the site please call TunEdge Music at 800-279-0014.