With the advent of social media, musicians now have to navigate a new media landscape to promote their music, network with peers, and connect with fans.

However, despite the relative ease a platform like Twitter, there’s a right and wrong way to utilize it effectively. Hugh McIntyre at Tunecore wrote a great piece called “5 Things Musicians Have to Stop Doing on Twitter.” It’s got some great tips on things to avoid as a musician, such as:

  1. Spamming. We all know what this is, and why it’s a huge turn-off. So don’t do it!
  2. Repetitive posts. Don’t recycle the same content. It’s makes people tune out and lose interest.
  3. Clapping back at critics, or people critiquing your work. There are much healthier and productive ways to deal with criticism.
  4. Overuse of hashtags. Too many can kill your interaction rates.
  5. Using unrelated hashtags. Keep it relevant to your topic and post. Easy enough!

So remember, Twitter can be an awesome tool–but it’s even better when you avoid some of these common pratfalls.