Now that the 2018 Winter Olympics are over, you might be asked to splice together some of your best footage for various types of TV and film retrospectives, or promos for the next Olympic games. After all, the best way to get people excited for the future is to highlight some of the most incredible moments from the past. You’ll definitely need to check out a music licensing library to find the right music to support your video projects.

For those straight-forward Olympic highlight reels, it’s best to stick to the traditional Olympic music we know and love. There are always certain songs that tend to express triumph, inspiration and even loss when necessary. Try out these Olympic-themed music tracks for music licensing in your Olympic highlight reels.

One great way to remember the recent past is to also revisit the less recent past. It was only 2 years ago in 2016 when the Olympics were held in Rio. We have some great music selections to help support any footage you may include from the Olympic games of the past. Try these Welcome to Rio 2016 tracks, or this Rio 2016 Production music to support your video projects.

And, of course, there are both winners and losers when it comes to the Olympic games. You can show the triumph of the gold-winning athletes with these tracks. And for those sad moments of loss, these reflection-based tracks may fit the bill.

To give your footage a documentary feel, some general documentary music may be best, but you can also use retrospective music that is specific to sports. Finally, you can top off your reel with News Promo music if that’s the feel you are going for. The possibilities are endless when you have a solid music licensing contract from a company you can trust.

None of these choices fit your Olympics music licensing needs? Contact us and we’ll help you select the right tracks to get your video project complete!