Oktoberfest is a two week festival each year, this year it is between September 21st and October 6th.  The celebration is held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.   Besides this festival being held in Germany, Oktoberfest festivals and celebrations are held around the world.  Typically Oktoberfest is not just a celebration of beer but a huge festival with food, carnival booths, music, and dancing,

Oktoberfest Production Music has a very distinct sound that is fun, playful, dance music that is festive.  The music typically consists of accordions and horns.  If you are looking for Oktoberfest Production Music for your Oktoberfest celebration TunEdge Music has Oktoberfest Production Music.  Below are a few samples;

Octoberfest Octoberfest: (Description: Orchestral – Fanfares & Ceremonial, World – German, Triumphant, Playful, Fun, Happy, Beer, German, Horns)

Cabbage Rolls Cabbage Rolls: (Description: Accordion, horns and drums. Ethnic German polka style.)

Polka Slide Polka Slide: (Description: Classic German & Polka music with accordion, horns, drums, and organ; Ethnic German polka style.)

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