One thing that unites us all is music. We all have those experiences where we just can’t relate to the music from the past, present or future. But let’s face it, all of this music has its place in how different genres have been molded into what they are over time.

If you’re making a TV or film production and need music licensing from TunEdge, you may be interested in categorizing your choices by decade. Here are some great options from the 50s, 60s, 70s and more!

The 50s era brought a lot of new types of music, especially in the rock genre. Some great hits that will really make your 50s feature shine include Rockabilly Lewis, Shake & Roll, Pop Shop Sheboom and Dakota Dames

The 60s was a time for liberation in the United States, and the music of this decade truly reflected that. Amp up your 60s production with tracks like Spies go Retro, Sunny Day Fun, Late Night Urge and Under the Moonlight.

The 70s were a time for transition. We saw lots of hard times through the war, but we saw an explosion of experience when it came to the music industry. Some perfect 70s tunes for your next film include Tie Dye Girls, Groovy Mood, Iggy’s Airplane, and Motown Please.

There was a huge shift in music during the 80s. A different type of rock emerged, and the decade was marked by creative achievements like “Walk This Way” by Run DMC, and Oliver Stone’s Platoon. Looking for music licensing for film? Your 80s production can truly move mountains with music like Slave Management, Endless Winter, Rock the Robot and Live at the Greek.

For those 90s babies that love their rock & roll, we got the best music to license. Enjoy tracks like Dodo, Santa Barbara, Super Fun and Standing to round out your next 90s rock video montage.

For many productions, rock music is just not going to provide the right momentum. Need some dance & hip hop from the 90s to create the right atmosphere for your film? Then get a music licensing contract for some 90s hip hop hits like House Party, City Lights, Mister Miles, or Speedy Snoop.

Now that you’ve gone through all the best decades of music, you’re fully prepared to license the right music for your period piece. Comment below and let us know your favorite!