Hello, Tunedgers! The NBA Playoffs have started. The first games began on Saturday April 15 and have continued throughout the month. Are you a San Antonio Spurs Fan? Grizzlies? No matter what team you are rooting for, our music is the perfect game day companion.

Tunedge has all of your music licensing needs for your game, commercial, or trailers! You can use some of the music from our March Madness montage as well as any other music you would like to see in your next game broadcast.

Many popular songs have been used as the theme song for the playoffs over the years. In 2016, the playoffs theme was produced by popular music mogul Timbaland. The NBA theme was called “Every Second Counts” and was part of the NBA’s “This Is Why We Play” campaign.  He says, “Everybody should be a champion and play at their best level.”

Last year for the finals, the theme song, “Champion,” was performed by popular hip-hop band, The Roots. Lyrics include:

“I fell in love with the game and never looked back / My foundation and frame, they never shook that / Been trailblazing my name into the book that / Represents all the champs who had a chance and took that.”

The NBA has embraced the “hip-hop” culture for many years. Rapper Nelly has ownership stakes in the Charlotte Hornets and Jay-Z has ownership stakes in the Brooklyn Nets. Many musicians have worn NBA jerseys in their music videos. The NBA plays rap and hip-hop in arenas and ABC/ESPN use similar music during their coverage of the games.

When CBS used to broadcast the games in the 1970s, they had their own lyrics to a song they played during the games. It was used from 1973-76 and from 1978-79. It was usually played with a visual including a silhouette of basketball players against a black background. The lyrics were:

“Give it all you’ve got,
Take your very best shot
And may the best team win.
The time is now, the name of the game is action.

They’re on the floor,
And they’re ready to score,
So let the game begin,
And let’s see how the ball’s going to bounce today

Welcome to N-B-A.
Come on, and join the roar of the crowd
Here’s another classic about,
To come your way…

You’ll see the best in basketball
When you watch the N-B-A,
When you watch the N-B-A on C-B-S.”

Since then, the NBA has used other theme songs during the playoff games.  Robert Randolph and the Family Band were hired to write ABC’s theme song for the 2002-03 NBA season. The slogan and title of the song was, “We Got Hoops.” It was also used as game music for the Christmas Day 2002 and January 4, 2003 games.

LL Cool J did a song about the San Antonio Spurs and the New Jersey Nets for the 2003 NBA Finals. Justin Timberlake did a song for the 2003 Christmas Day game. The 2004 Playoffs featured the Black Eyed Peas hit, “Let’s Get It Started.”

Other artists used in games include Destiny’s Child, Rob Thomas, Tom Petty, The Pussycat Dolls, Def Leppard, Tim McGraw, U2, the Rolling Stones, Mariah Carey, Pitbull, and many more.

Also, don’t forget, you can still use many of the basketball-themed songs we had during March Madness for your games, trailers, commercials, and more. Call us at Tunedge for all of your licensing needs.