It’s official! The holiday season is here! Now, whether that brings you delight or angst, it still doesn’t hasten its arrival. Are you ready for the holiday shopping madness? More importantly, do you have music licensing for your holiday-related productions?

This is the time of year when your television is oversaturated with tons of commercials related to kids toys, expensive jewelry and fancy cars with big bows on them. It’s stressful enough to find the right gifts for your loved ones, so you should not be bogged down with anxiety over acquiring a music licensing contract to fit the needs of your retail production schedule.

If you just have a general holiday retail promo in the works, maybe for a local mom & pop store, our retail holiday collection has plenty of great tracks to add to the ambiance of any shopping-related commercial. Try incorporating songs like Chopping the Tree, Crisp Christmas, Open to the Light, Jingle Jangle Wrangle, or Early for the Kids to reach the right audience with your holiday ad.

Maybe you’re trying to avoid the holiday feel — possibly you aren’t sure which holiday, or holidays your audience celebrates, and you want to keep the commercial very general. Our regular retail ad montage will help you find the best songs. Tracks like Sweet Ol’ Blues, At the Club til Dawn, Changing it Up, This is the Day or Touch the Sky can give your commercial the punch you’ve been looking for.

It’s possible you’ve been contracted to create an ad for a larger retail chain that encourages Black Friday shopping. It’s important to create a fun atmosphere, rather than one of anxiety or dread, which is an emotion many people have when it comes to shopping Black Friday deals. Try songs from our retail shopping fun collection, like Live up Be-Bop, And that’s our Show, Third Floor Shopping, Crazy Kitsch Fun, or Latin Rhythm to round out your production.

Have we missed the mark so far, and you just need television promo music that will stand out above all the rest? Our TV promo montage is sure to have something that works for your holiday ad. Try Splash the Hill, Catch me if you Can, Get it through your Head, Running from the Past, or Round Robin to complete your ad.

Be sure to check out our music licensing library on for any other productions you have in the works for the holiday season and Discover New Music!


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