When promoting a business or selling a product, any video collateral you create will be incomplete without the right soundtrack. It’s important that you have a music licensing contract in place so you can access the best tracks for any production.

So, next steps… what kind of promotional videos are currently coming down the pipeline on your production schedule? Maybe you need a friendly vibe, or it’s possible that your target audience is of the more youthful kind. We’ve created some thoughtful music collections to help you find the right tunes.

Creating a fashion-based promo? Songs like Where am I, It’s my Dance Floor Bitch, Da Dat Dow and Jackson Killer can really round out a sensational 30 second fashion retail commercial spot.

Trying to stay cool under pressure is never easy, but we all know how the right music can mellow us out. Try some of these hip commercial tracks to complete your next promo video. Samplings from Family Matters, Love my Subaru, Smoke Filled Room and Slumber Party will fit the bill.

If you need to create a more delicate atmosphere for a jewelry commercial, you’ll need some dainty tunes. Think about using My Lukewarm Jacket, Daytime Stories, Fairy Dust or Thoughtful as possible tracks to create the right mood.

Some of the most memorable commercials of our time have been car commercials. Whether they are thought-provoking, funny or heartbreaking, their end goal is to make the sale on that brand new vehicle. Try using Dirt Ride, Reggae Tronic, Bottle of Gin or Ridin’ it Out to give your car commercial that extra boost it needs to deliver your sales message.

If you’re trying to reach a young audience, the right music is key. Utilize tracks like She wants new Jeans, Pretty View, I still Rock or Green Machine to create the best commercial for the young crowd.

Our music licensing library is full of tracks perfect to accompany your next commercial, so if none of these are quite what you need, check out www.TunEdge.com to view our entire library!