Check out this music from Tunedge for St. Patrick’s Day on March 17. This music has a classic Irish vibe that will get you into the right frame of mind to celebrate. Enjoy it with your green beer and any Irish food you like. Head out to your favorite pub for the day.

We all become a bit Irish for this one day. The holiday started out as a celebration of the Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. He died in the Fifth Century, but the celebrations didn’t start until 1631. Saint Patrick was born a Roman citizen, but he was enslaved and taken to Ireland. When released, he became a priest there.

The modern celebrations that we know of today began in the 18th century. In 1798, the color green became a symbol of the Irish rebellion. We acknowledge this today by wearing green on Saint Patrick’s Day. Some people follow the tradition of pinching someone who is not wearing green on the holiday.

Check out these songs from Tunedge for this awesomely Irish occasion:

  1. Dublin Pub
  2. Rockin Irish Eyes
  3. Flute of Wind
  4. Out Cast
  5. Irish Jig
  6. Clean Irish Spring
  7. Pints and Packages
  8. Lord of the Bagpipes
  9. Spring All Over
  10. Going for Baroque
  11. Marching Bagpipes
  12. The Saints
  13. A Lovely Day To Play
  14. I’ll Drink To That
  15. Dancing Around The Pub
  16. Happy Go Lucky
  17. Morning Irish Mist
  18. The Jig Is Up
  19. Little Village
  20. Irish I Could Dance
  21. Put That In Your Bagpipe
  22. Beautiful Day To Be Irish
  23. Great To Be Back Home

Enjoy any of these great songs from Tunedge for your Irish parties. They range from classic Irish jigs to rockin Irish-style music. Listen now!