As I mentioned in yesterdays blog, “Corporate Production Music is typically used in Non-Broadcast Productions like corporate training and informative videos. These videos are most often produced for employees but can also be produced for distributor’s or customers.” Today I will address the second of the two sub genres of Corporate Production Music,  Informative Corporate Production Music or Corporate Informative Production Music; the music for this genre must be forward moving without being overly exciting.  Typically it has a very neutral sound. It can be any style of music from rock, orchestral, electronica, country, jazz or others.  Once again the key to Informative Corporate Production Music is it’s neutral forward motion.  Below are three examples of Corporate Informative Production Music:

Prada Senada Prada Senada: (Definition: Melodic, Heavenly, Lush, Cool, Luxury, Confident, Relaxed, Mellow, Smooth, Suave, Floating, Light, Reflective)

Ink Dot Ink Dot: (Definition: Melodic, Underscore, Groove, Laidback, Carefree, Relaxed, Mellow, Content, Satisfied, Confident)

A New Beginning A New Beginning: (Definition: Melodic, Underscore, Emotive, Reflective, Happy, Satisfied, Dreamy, Sunshine, Summer, Building, Sentimental)

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