The indie pop ‘The New Me‘ is a recent release from Swag Candy Records.  This distinctly indie pop song is lively with an upbeat and youthful energy.  And with lyrics  like “I’ve been here the whole time, hanging outside to dry.” this song tells the story of recovery from broken love.  TunEdge Music who represents Swag Candy Records was able to get Fox On-Air Promo to listen to ‘The New Me‘.  As a result of Fox’s interest in this song TunEdge Music was able to get the music placed in several Fox On-Air Promos.

Indie Pop 'The New Me'

Indie Pop ‘The New Me’ – Single

This song is stylized by its bright and optimistic attitude.  While the lyrics are inspirational and bring thoughts of feel good dreams.  Both youthful and fun this tune is reminiscent of those teen years.  Most of all is a feeling of hope, desire and proud uplifting.


‘The New Me’ – Lyrics

Almost all people fall in love with a song because of the lyrics.  While other of us like the catchy beats and rhythms.  So, to satisfy the craving of those who love lyrics here is a teaser.

Baby you’re a let down.

You make me spin my head ‘round.

Let me say you look so good when you’re walking away.

But there’s still one thing that I wanted to say.

But if I spoke now, I’d probably have a melt down.

You’d pick me up and you’d throw me head first on the ground.


‘The New Me’ – Chorus

My hair is cut so you wont recognize me.

Yeah I’m the one you thought you saw.

But this is the new me.

I’ve been here the whole time, hanging outside to dry.

Out of sight, out of your mind guess you didn’t want to come to find that I’m fine without you.

You’ll never know the new me.


Licensing ‘The New Me’

To license ‘The New Me‘ or any other song from Swag Candy Records contact TunEdge Music at 800-279-0014 and speak with one of our music consultants.